Julia & Niclas

When our bridal couple Julia & Niclas arrived for the pre-ceremony photo session, my eyes teared up a bit. Of course I was expecing them to be dressed in bridal attire, but I wasn’t prepared to meet such a beautiful couple!! As we have met with them a couple of times before the wedding, I could tell that their outfits were so Julia & Niclas. Julia looked really stunning in her dress, which she has had designed and tailor made, just for her. Isn’t it amazing?! I just love it how ”our” couples always make their outfits and details personal. And with that hairstyle – she’s just perfect!

On that note – I just love that blue color of your suit, Niclas! You look really handsome!


Långholmen is a beautiful green oasis in the middle of Stockholm, yet it is urban enough for our big city bride Julia. The location offers a nice variety of city and nature views. Or what would you call this?!


Now, get ready for an awesome picture… Thank you for being so brave! And a little crazy;)


As we have said before, there’s something special about the weather on wedding days. At least when we’re involved ;) The forecast for Saturday was rain, so we were all relieved that it turned out to be an amazingly sunny, typical Swedish, summer day, and the ceremony could be held outside!


Soooooooo many colorful and happy guests!


Did I mention you two look gorgeous?!


Take a look at these two cute ladies! They entertained us all with a few songs and they didn’t hold back.:)Both Mårten and I had quite a hard time holding our cameras still, but we did our best to focus so that when you look at these pictures you would be able to hear the high notes and the warm laughter again and again.;)


Julia & Niclas, thank you for letting us take part in your wedding! You were really great to work with, and we hope that you are very content with your big day!!:)We wish you all the best!


Enough talking, sit back and enjoy this slideshow with even more pictures!


Finally, here are some pics of me and my gorgeous husband (I especially like this part of him ;)). Him – always doing the dirty work (which includes involuntarily heading back to photograph flowers that I forgot to capture), and me – always offering a helping hand.


Finally, again, do you remember the ”Past, present & future bride-photo” at Sanna & Torgnys wedding last year? We do!:D(Scroll down to the very bottom of the post to refresh your memory!).



av Lollo&Mårten

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Jonna - Heeelt underbara bilder, som vanligt med dessa engagerade fotografer : ) !! Och så var du ju ett helt magiskt bröllop, tack för en jättefin dag Niclas & Julia!!18 juli, 2012 – 22:15

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